Audi Eye Catcher

For Ross, tackling complex projects is a matter of course. We accept challenges from small complex products to large presentation projects. It was the same when the challenge was accepted to produce a presentation podium for Audi – Eye Catcher.

The entire Audi Eye Catcher presentation platform is built on a typed trailer that can be transported behind a passenger car. A galvanized steel structure was installed on the trolley, allowing the car to drive in. The entire stage can be easily folded and loaded onto a cart. Assembled in this way, it is ready for safe transfer to the presentation location.

Eye Chatcher consists of four panels made of bent aluminum sheet. The sheet was sheathed with aluco bond and covered with cast plotter film. Illuminated signs and logos are made of 30 mm acrylic. The stage also includes a light cannon that emits a beam of light into the sky. The cannon is built into the carriage structure. The car presented at Eye Catcher is additionally illuminated by highly luminous LEDs.

Ross manufactures sales promotion products exactly to customer specifications. Each custom-made product goes through the entire process from design, graphic processing, production, transportation to assembly. High-quality materials were used in the production with a 5-year warranty for the entire product.